I am so excited to see you here! 🤗  We are going to accomplish a lot together by talking back-and-forth…



✨ Mary on Voxer

Here’s How This Works:

🗣️ We will connect via Voxer (instructions, below)

🗣️ You can talk to me whenever… and I really mean WHENEVER. 🤓 Our chat space is open 24/7/365, so if you’re having a day where you’re feeling the feels or you want to celebrate something big… fire up Voxer and tell me everything! Don’t worry about time zones or phone alerts… I’ve got this set up so you can’t possible wake me up in the middle of the night. 😜

→ You can also type in text messages to the Voxer chat, so if you want to write something out, that is also 100% OK!

→ Keep in mind that Voxer has a 15 minute limit on messages, so if you need more talk time, you can leave multiple voice messages.

🗣️ I will reply to you at least 1x daily, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).

→ If I know that I’ll be a little delayed due to something like travel, you’ll know about it ahead of time!

→ If I have the ability to reply more than once in a day, I will definitely be in there responding to you!

📬 Anytime within your month of service, you can submit your work for an audit: AUDIT SUBMISSION FORM

→ Not sure what to get reviewed this month? Let’s talk through it on Voxer!

→ Got lots of stuff and can’t decide on your “thing”? Let’s talk it through on Voxer so you can learn how to evaluate what moves your business forward the most!

You must use your audit in the month of your service… use it or lose it!

🦄 Feeling a lot of feels? Feels like an emergency?

→ I mean it… tell me about it in our Voxer chat thread. Talk 👏 it 👏 out!

→ Our goal is to reduce the feelings of “emergencies” because most of these we feel in business are entirely preventable. So let’s find the root problem together and make your business stronger.

→ If you’re talking with me regularly, I’m going to know a lot about what you’re currently going through and working on. If I know that you’re launching something or having a rough season, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on you so you’ll feel like you’re getting plenty of timely attention.

Connect Via Voxer:

  1. Download this app: https://www.voxer.com/

  2. You can use Voxer on your mobile devices as well as on your computer, so you can also bookmark that link in your Chrome browser

  3. Create an account for yourself if you don’t already have one (it’s free, no need to buy the pro version!)

  4. On your phone app, you’re going to want to set some sanity saving settings:

    1. Go to your profile and select “settings” from the menu options.
    2. Set your Talk Buttons to “Tap To Talk” like you see in this screenshot:

    Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 7.18.21 PM.png

  5. Now that you have Voxer set up for yourself… go to contacts and search for “SENSIBLEWOO”

    1. Tap “ADD TO CONTACTS”
    2. A little lost? You can also go to this link in your browser: https://web.voxer.com/u/sensiblewoo
  6. Feel free to test it out! Leave me a message to say Hi!

  7. And now we just simply start talking… I’ll lead you through the beginning, I got you boo! 😘